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The Sands

The Sands Apartment & Mall is a residential and commercial luxury building located in the most prestigious area of Panama City: Avenida Balboa in Cinta Costera. The Sands combines space, design, and the best views of the Pacific Ocean. Located a short 110 meters from the Cinta Costera, any of its apartments can offer a wonderful view of the waterfront boulevard.

Characteristics of the project:

The Sands Apartments & Mall will become an iconic project in the city because it has everything a person can wish for. These are some of the characteristics of the project:

  • Views to the Pacific Ocean are absolutely guaranteed

  • Apartments with 2 bathrooms and rooms

  • Living room, kitchen, and parking lot

  • Shopping center and stores making shopping easy!

  • Rooftop and Sky lounge area (the most cosmopolitan view of Panama City)

  • A place for fun, relaxing, entertainment and events

  • Private cinemas in the social area

  • Rooms for events and parties

  • Relaxation room

  • Infinity pool

  • Sports zone

  • Children zone

  • 24-hour security

  • Every area has independent access

Living in Avenida Balboa

Avenida Balboa is a favored space in Panama. It is located next to the Cinta Costerathe waterfront boulevard with a pedestrian and bike path along the best views of the city leading you to the financial center, the Bay of Panama, and the old town Casco Antiguo.


Moreover, the location is in a key location next to the metro Line 1 stations could not be, “Lotería” and “Cinco de Mayo”. The Sand is also located near the health services like Panama’s modern hospitals and pharmacies. Additionally, it is in a key location for schools and has easy access to the Interamericana road and to the beaches in the provinces. In the Gray, you are perfectly situated to enjoy the city´s advantages and amenities while also offering easy access to the outbound roads headed for the quieter yet just as beautiful provinces.

Smart home

Our favorite innovation and peculiarity of the Gray is the ability to use Smart Home Services. Thus, you can control your property from any part of the world using your smartphone. You can find the following services:

  • Vigilance

  • Monitoring

  • Smart and interactive security

  • Indoor cameras

  • Turn on and off movement sensors

  • 24-hour security

  • Access control

  • Closed areas

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Electric plant

  • 9 high speed sensors for the residents

  • 5 elevators for commercial use

  • Parking lot for bikes

  • Interactive security in your apartment

  • Wide and numerous parking lots


The project has 36 floors distributed in the following way:


Floors 1 to 3

Wide parking lots for the commercial area


Floor 1 /PB

Different lobbies with independent entrances for the commercial and residential area with the respective elevators and also independent entries for the parking lots.


Floor 2 to 4

The Sands Mall will have stores and parking lots, a business center, a shopping center, and an entertainment place. All the stores will be in front of the Cinta Costera and will have the best prices in the market.  

Floors 2 to 7

Wide parking lots for residents.


Floor 8

Social Area. This includes an infinity pool with a spectacular view to the ocean for kids and adults alike, jacuzzi, gym, a park for the children, a private cinema, big rooms for events, nice paths that go through the social areas and are designed for everyone to enjoy.

Floor 36

Rooftop. The commercial rooftop will have spectacular panoramic views of the beautiful Panama City and the Pacific Ocean. It will include a restaurant zone and open terraces. One of the unique characteristics of this project is that the rooftop will have crystal viewers on each side and will be the only transparent walkway of that height.


Thus, in The Sands you can enjoy access to practically any human requirement. A resident or guest does not have to leave the building to enjoy The Gray’s benefits because everything including entertainment, shops, stores, are all in one location That being said, the picturesque Cinta Costera is available as you step out the doors of the building.

In the evenings, you can enjoy one of the best rooftops in Central America with a unique transparent walkway granting you the best views to the unparalleled beauty of Panama City. Should you want to purchase an apartment and live this life of ease and luxury, contact our experts for more information.

The apartments

The apartments will have:

  • 1 bedroom with option of 2 and 3 bedrooms

  • All of them have:

    • Full bathrooms

    • Living room

    • Open kitchen 

    • Laundry

The surroundings
  • More than 30,000 inhabitants in the area

  • Close to the Panama Metro

  • In front of the Cinta Costera

  • More than 1,000 offices located near the project






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