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The Gray

This project brings a unique opportunity for businesspeople that want to live close to the office. The Gray is a project located in Calle 50, the financial center of Panama City. The area is home for many offices and office buildings, notably is it the hub for major banks. Calle 50 is officially called Nicanor Obarrio Avenue and it runs through the Bella Vista Corregimiento and Panama’s San Francisco. In terms of renting and buying, Calle 50 is the most valuable location when it comes to renting and buying. The Gray is located on the intersection of Federico Boy Avenue and Nicanor Obarrio Avenue

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Characteristics of the project:
  • Spectacular views

  • Entertainment options

  • Fitness center

  • Children playground

  • BBQ

  • Event room

OFI – Studio

The most innovative aspect of this project is a completely new way of doing business. The Gray contains different modern spaces, all with an apartment’s comfort, like full bathrooms, shower included. This type of workspace is intended to establish a balance and improve time management and productivity in a unique space in the city center. If you want to give your company the time and focus that it deserves, it's important that you have a special place dedicated to creating a stable work environment with all the necessary facilities to ensure maximum comfort.

Shopping Gallery

The complex will have a shopping gallery. Need an anniversary present? Picking up Christmas gifts during a busy work period? Do it on your way from the office, all in one easy location. The gallery has the following:

  • Multiple stores

  • Sky lounge areas on the last level

  • Private lobby

  • Independent lifts

  • Wide parking lots

What's in the neighborhood?
  • Metro line 1 (Iglesia del Carmen Station)

  • Cinta Costera

  • Financial center

  • Calle Uruguay

  • Hospitals

The Gray is suited for those that want to live close to the office or want to establish a company office in the very heart of Panama City, close to the most important banks and the city center. With fantastic amenities, comfort, and stores, The Gray is certainly a project worth considering for your real estate portfolio. Would you like to know more? Contact our experts for more information.

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