El Botanico

El Botanico is located in Bella Vista, one of the best neighborhoods in the very heart of Panama City. Near the Avenida Balboa and Cinta Costera, the most important supermarkets are located here. Nearby, you will also find casinos, restaurants, banks, stores, hotels, bars, among other attractions. Bella Vista is at a walking distance from Calle 50, the stunning banking and financial center of the city, with shimmering glass & steel.

Nearby Facilities

These are some of the places and facilities located close to this project:

  • Panama metro, line 1

  • Cinta Costera

  • Finance center

  • Corredor Norte

  • Hospitals

  • Supermarkets

Ofi Studio

This project has different spaces with modern facilities that offer the same comfort as an apartment. Optimize your employee’s effectiveness by creating a space where they can combine work with their home comforts, for example, a full bathroom at the office so that they can refresh. Complement your office routine with your daily life and establish a balance, thus improving productivity in one single space located in the city center.

It is important to have a place that is especially designed to achieve the enterprise´s goals and give your company the attention it deserves. El Botanico offers the necessary facilities and elements to create comfortable workspaces possible.

Commercial area
  • Stores

  • Sky lounge and rooftop

  • Lobbies

  • Parking Lots

Amenities & Entertainment
  • Sports

  • Yoga

  • Pool

  • Gardens

  • CrossFit

  • Game zones

  • Wi-Fi Zone

  • PlayStation zone

  • Cardio room

Mundo highly recommends “El Botanico” to those people who wish to have an outdoor style living in the heart of the capital. Live within a 5-minute walk from the important entertainment and work centers while living downtown. This is one of our favorite projects because it presents the perfect combination between affordability, location, and style. Please contact our experts for more information on this project.
Whole Floor
Whole Floor

Model A1
Model A1

Model J2
Model J2

Whole Floor
Whole Floor


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